On this page you will find a few of our “values”. These are just our values … if you are looking for our “Statement of Faith” you can head over to the page titled, “Our Beliefs”.

The Gospel-We boldly proclaim the message of the Gospel.

Welcoming-We want to make every person that walks into our church feel welcome, comfortable, and like part of the family.

Bare-Bones Church-From day 1 we, Outpouring Church, loved and wanted to pursue the idea of being a bare-bones church. What does that mean? We mean by that … that we at Outpouring Church feel called to “do church” in a way where we are never depleting the resources that we have. We have chosen not to spend our resources on things that we don’t have to have in order to “do church”. We don’t need a building (we can meet in a rented space for our Sunday Service), we don’t need a wooden pulpit (we can use a basic plastic one), and we don’t need a screen to project worship lyrics onto (we can use hymn books or printed out worship song lyrics). Because of this we can keep going as a church and keep our costs to a bare-bones minimum. We realize this way of doing church isn’t for everyone, but for us it is something we have felt called to since the birth of Outpouring Church.

For Our City-Our priority in terms of missions is 100% focused on the city of San Clemente.

Thrive-We desire to see San Clemente thrive! We care for our town and we want to see San Clemente grow and advance in the areas of: Safety, Housing, Caring for the homeless, Education, and any other area that impacts the way we as citizens of San Clemente live our everyday lives.

1 to 1 Discipleship-We believe in hands on discipleship for every person that calls Outpouring Church home.

Radically Following Jesus-Christianity isn’t a part time thing, something you give a like on Facebook, or something you sign up for like a sports team. Christianity is a way of life!

Being Kingdom Minded-We love talking about the Kingdom of God! It is one of the theological focal points for us as a church.

Expectation-We believe during our service time that God will show up in our midst. We are a people of expectation.

Discernment-We believe it is important for Christians to exercise discernment.

Balance-We want to have a healthy balance when it comes to our theology that we adhere to as a church.  We desire to exist in a middle ground between being led by the Holy Spirit and firmly teaching the Word of God. We always want to come back to the Bible and make sure our theology is 100% in line with the Bible.

Ministry to the Poor-Jesus cared about the poor … so as a result we care for and serve the poor!

Reaching Others For Jesus-We desire that everyone would come to salvation in Jesus Christ. It’s that simple!

Worship Music featuring Sound Doctrine-We play songs during our service that feature lyrics that make sense and accurately portray who God is.

Freedom-We are okay with the use of flags and dancing during the time of worship music! (see guidelines for these practices on our “What We Believe” page.