We are Outpouring Church

Our church started with one man who simply noticed that southern San Clemente was an unchurched area.  After years spent driving through and praying over the Surfer's Row area of San Clemente ... Outpouring Church was birthed.  We see our church as filling a specific need.  That need is to have a church that is focused 100% on the mission field that is southern San Clemente.  Southern San Clemente is an area that a wide range of people call home.  Our church exists to invite those people into the story of god.  A story where Jesus comes on a rescue mission for lost and weary people inviting them into a personal relationship with him as messiah and lord.

Our Ethos/Values (Doctrinal Statement)

Point 1: Radically following Jesus: He paid it all on the cross for us so we give our lives fully to follow him.  Jesus came on a rescue mission to rescue sinful men and women.  Jesus is Messiah and Lord.  The Bible is clear for all have sinned.  Jesus is the only way to heaven for sinful men and sinful women.  We desire to reach all men and all women with the good news of the message of the gospel.  As a church we firmly defend the message of the gospel against heretics and false teachers.  We believe in protecting the message of the gospel ... just like Christians have done all throughout church history.  First and foremost we are a gospel saturated church.

Point 2: The Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

We believe firmly in the doctrine of the trinity.

Point 3: Being Kingdom Minded: We believe the kingdom of god is here and not yet.  We are influenced regarding our view of the kingdom of god by the late George Eldon Ladd a minister and professor of New Testament exegesis and theology.  We take this particular stance on the kingdom of god because it allows us as a church to both believe that the kingdom of god is here in a tangible way in everyday life in things like: people coming to salvation in Christ, God healing people physically, and even a child graduating from school , but we at the same time believe the kingdom of god is not yet in that ... things happen on earth due to the fall of man like: cancer, suffering, children passing away, and other sad events.  The kingdom of god is here (in the triumphant things and demonstrations of the power of God), but the kingdom of god is not yet (in the sad and hard parts of life like: disease, injury, and suffering).  As Christians we are kingdom minded people living in a tension between the here and the not yet of the kingdom of god.

Point 4: Being a people of expectation: We live out our faith with a sense of expectation knowing that god is still and always has been the god of the impossible. 

Point 5: Discernment Ministry:

Discernment ministry is simply informing christians on the topics that matter.  We are a church that values the truth of god's word and are completely against dangerous and extra biblical beliefs and practices.  We do not believe in modern day prophets and apostles.  We also are 100% against faith healers.

Point 6: God can still heal people, but it's by his sovereign grace: 

We believe that God by his sovereign grace can heal people today.  Every person will not be healed.  This is because we live in a fallen world (see Genesis 3 for the fall of man).  We believe it is important as a church to have a theology of suffering (meaning that because of the fall of man and sin entering the world bad things will happen like sickness, injury, and car accidents).  There is no way around these things, but the Lord will guide us through them.

Point 7: Our position on Spiritual Gifts: 

We believe that certain spiritual gifts are for today.  We believe that certain spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible like: Teaching, Mercy, Administration, Service (to name a few) are still for today.  We also believe that certain spiritual gifts though like (the gift of healing where a specific individual has the power to heal people just like the Apostles did in the bible has ceased.  We believe God is the one who heals people today.  We do not believe men or women can have the power to heal.  As a result we are 100% against modern day faith healers.  We still believe that miracles can happen today, but we have to be very careful as to what we consider a miracle.  We don't want to hyper spiritualize something and say it's a miracle unless it's really a miracle.  We don't believe that men and women can have the power to work miracles.  We believe God is the one who performs miracles.  God chooses because he is omnipotent and sovereign regarding which miracles he will perform.  

We are Partial Cessationists because of our stance as a church regarding spiritual gifts.  

A continuationist is someone who believes that the gifts of the holy spirit have continued to the current age, specifically in regards to the sign gifts, such as tongues and prophecy.

A cessationist is someone who  believes that spiritual gifts like: speaking in tongues, prophecy and people having the power to heal ceased with the end of the apostolic age.

As a church we are partial cessationists in regards to our stance on spiritual gifts.  We aim to achieve the radical middle in regards to our stance on spiritual gifts.  

In regards to a few examples of specific gifts we believe are for today and aren't for today are:

We believe the the gift of tongues is for today (only if there is someone present with the gift to interpret the message delivered in tongues).  We are against people randomly speaking in tongues without an interpreter.  The point of the gift of tongues is for someone to deliver a specific message to the church (which edifies and builds up the church).  Tongues isn't meant to be randomly busted out during a worship service without interpretation because the tongues has to be translated and it wouldn't edify the church and serve its purpose without a proper interpretation.  We also want to let people know that when we say tongues we mean a literal language not gibberish.  We don't believe in tongues being "a language for the angels".  We also don't believe in the idea of tongues being a personal prayer language to pray in ones private prayer time.  Tongues is a gift meant to edify the church and build up the local church.

We believe the gift of  men and women having the power to heal has ceased.  We believe the specific gift of men and women having the power to heal others ceased at the end of the apostolic age.  God is the one who sovereignly heals people now.  We don't believe in faith healers because of this.


Point 8: Authority 

We reject the idea that men and women can have "authority" and create signs and wonders, miracles, shift the weather, or shift the atmospheres on their own.  These "authority teachings" are often taught in certain Charismatic Christian circles.  We reject the idea that God gives men and women who follow him the power to be "Super Christians".  As Christians God is the one who has authority ... we as his followers are simply slaves to Christ.  Christ is the head of the Church.  We must be obedient to Christ.  

Point 9: Ministry to the poor: Because it mattered to Jesus ministry to the poor is something we are big on.

Point 10: Praying for the sick: We believe in praying for the sick as a church ... we understand that sometimes people get healed and sometimes they don't.  Through it all god is good.

Point 11: Feeding the hungry: We feed the hungry as one of the components of ministry to the poor.

Point 12: Worship Music: We value worship music featuring sound theology and lyrics.  People will often times leave a service remembering lyrics to certain worship songs and that informs their theology and view of god.  We have noticed a trend in worship music with bad theology or heretical theology becoming popular in certain evangelical circles ... and because of this we are very strict as to what music we play in our church.  We want the songs we play during our gatherings to reflect our theology and values as a church.

Point 13: We as a church 100% reject and are vocally agains the prosperity gospel.

We as a Church are vocally against the false gospel that is the prosperity gospel.  The prosperity gospel is a false gospel that doesn't lead to salvation.  Salvation can only be found by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Point 14: Real Discipleship

Often times in today's Christian culture in America ... discipleship is nothing more then a book sold at a bookstore.  We believe in hands on discipleship for everyone that calls Outpouring Church their home church.  We want to personally spend time with and raise up Christians who are strong and rooted in the Word of God.  We want to equip the people in our church to be able to go out and live out what the Lord has called them to do.  We desire to see the youth in our church become the next generation of Pastors, Worship Leaders, Evangelists, and Missionaries.  This can only be done by hands on discipleship.

Point 15: We desire to reach those trapped in pseudo Christian cults with the message of the Gospel.  We want to evangelize to Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and anyone else who is part of a pseudo Christian cult.  We desire for anyone who is part of a pseudo Christian cult to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ alone.  We will put a good amount of our missions efforts as a church into evangelizing to people in cults.  We believe this is a great open door to bring the gospel to these people who are currently headed straight to hell.  

Point 16: Reaching others for Jesus

 We desire that everyone would come to know Jesus as lord.  It's that simple.  Acts 1:8 is very clear that we as the church must go out into our mission field and share the message of Jesus with others.  For us our mission field is Southern San Clemente.

Point 17: Worship Music and Experience (Flags and Dancing)

We are okay with flags and dancing during a time of worship music as long as it is kept in the back of the room and doesn't interfere or get in the way of other people's way of worshipping the Lord in their own personal space.  We aren't okay with chaos or people being rude, destructive, or self-centered during a time of worship music.  We believe that during a time of worship music as Christians we must approach Jesus with a sense of both adoration and fear knowing that he is the one true God and that he is holy.  We aren't okay with aberrant manifestations appearing during a time of worship music.  We will not allow or tolerate: people getting slain in the spirit, people speaking in tongues without an interpreter, people screaming, shaking, moaning, rolling on the ground, or any other destructive "manifestations" that appear demonic in nature into our services.  We take this very seriously.  We firmly believe as a church that if something isn't found clearly in the Bible then we want to keep it far far far away from our church services.  As a church we are vocally against all dangerous practices that are heretical in nature and go against God's Word.  We take seriously our role as Christians and we don't allow our church services to resemble the anarchy found at a local punk rock concert mosh pit.    


  • We are excited to be focused 100% on the mission field that is southern San Clemente.

  • If you're looking for a church home we would love to meet you!

  • We are excited to see prayer warriors, worship leaders, and street evangelists rise up in southern San Clemente.

  • We are currently utilizing youtube, church finder.com, instagram, twitter, magnets, stickers, live streaming, Yelp, IGTV, bumper stickers, flyers, business cards, signs, and this website to invite others into our story.

  • We currently have our first few ministries up and running and are excited to debut more over time!

  • We are also excited to be a church that hosts evangelistic outreaches on our side of town and christian concerts.

  • We are excited to invite others into our story as a church.

  • Look out for the Outpouring Church booth setup at local San Clemente events giving away free Bibles and free Christian books!

  • We are currently in the process of securing a facility so our church can have a place to call home.